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Suite No. 3/D
Sanjari Tower (2nd Floor)
78, Naya Paltan
(Mosjid Goli, Near BNP Office)
Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.

Telephone: 880 2933 0247
Mobile: 880 179 333 2313
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Welcome to Al-Falah Consulting, Contracting & Management (ACCM)

Profile and Management

Al-Falah Consulting, Contracting & Management (ACCM) is an independent, multidisciplinary Bangladeshi firm specialized in development consultancy, contracting of services and management of client-assigned responsibilities. It has been established by a group of highly qualified and multidisciplinary experts who are capable of providing services of highest quality in their respective fields of expertise and specialties.

Management of the firm is vested with a Board of Directors. The day to day affairs of the firm are attended by the Managing Director with the assistance of professional and supporting staffs of the firm.

Strategies and Objectives

ACCM thrives for sustainable development of Bangladesh by participating in planning and implementation of development interventions through expert services in human resource development, research, project and management activities, and any other services in the development sectors under contract with the government, corporate, non-government and private clients.

ACCM believes that in development efforts, participatory approach is effective and sustainable and experts should give due considerations to local wisdom in all stages of project cycle.

ACCM in its activities adheres to the principles of taking into account the social and economic interests of the deprived section of the population, be concerned with the effects of development work on people and environment and a pragmatic management plan to execute the work.

Key Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

The experts associated with ACCM are drawn from different development disciplines including personnel and business management, rural sociology and social anthropology, rural economics, water management, women in development and have remarkable academic qualifications and records of quality service in their fields and can provide valuable services to development projects.

The professionals of the firm have long experience in working with the government and non-government agencies responsible for urban and rural development. These include government agencies like Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Roads and Highways Department (RHD), Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB), Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), non-government organizations (NGOs) like BRAC, ASA, CARITAS and development partners like The World Bank, ADB, UNDP, UNICEF, IUCN, etc.

ACCM, although young as a company, combines the expertise of a number of highly experienced professionals/consultants in major development disciplines, including socio-economic, technical and related subjects. The company is committed to achieving sustainable development through interdisciplinary teamwork and participation of the people involved.

ACCM has been established with the intention of integrating the best of available knowledge and expertise of development arena, and utilizing these in the most fruitful manner to the best advantage of the clients.

In its actions the firm adheres to the following principles-
- Bear in mind the social and economic interests of the majority of the population, with special focus on its disadvantaged and deprived segments
- Believe that development does not take place in isolation it is multidimensional, multidisciplinary and also should have multiplier effects
- Be alert on the long-term sustainability of the effects and impacts of the undertaken initiatives to ensure social benefits and cost-effectiveness
- Be concerned with the effects of development work on people and environment

ACCM can make positive contributions in social, economic and environmental fields. The experts and professionals associated with it have remarkable records of quality services in these fields. It must be noted that while they have valuable experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams of experts, they always give importance to people's participation in all different stages of project development. ACCM is fully confident that, with the wide range of experiences gathered in different stages of project planning, development and implementation, it can provide valuable services to any urban or rural infrastructural and socioeconomic target -group-oriented project.

Panel of Experts/Consultants

ACCM has experts from different areas of Engineering, Social Sciences, Environment, Business Administration, Management, etc. with rich academic background and professional experience. They have working experience in different organizations and projects funded by international donor agencies. Some of the works undertaken by them in individual capacity or as members of some team have received appreciation both from donor agencies and government agencies of Bangladesh.

In addition to the above, ACCM possesses the capacity to expand its technical as well as management capability in any situation of necessity by inviting, associating or employing for both short and long terms, additional expert manpower for all levels.

Details of Professional Staff

(Total Years)
Area of Experience
Managing DirectorTofail AhmedBachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Law
40 yearsProject & Financial Management, Human Resource Dev.
DirectorFazlul WahhabMs of Rural Dev Planning
AIT, Thailand
35 yearsMultidisciplinary Development & Management
DirectorShams Uddin KhanM.B.A.
London, UK
7 yearsProject & Financial Management
DirectorMoshtaq AhmedB.Sc.(Hon's) in Computer Sc & Engg6 yearsProject & Financial Management, IT Development
DirectorTanvir AhmedB.B.A.(Marketing)5 yearsProject & Financial Management
DirectorRumana ParveenB.Sc.(Hon's) in Computer Science4 yearsIT Management
ConsultantM M Masudul HuqueP.Engg., B.Sc. Engg. in Civil35 yearsHighways Engineering
ConsultantMujahidul KabirMBA (Canada)32 yearsProject & Financial Management
ConsultantM A AwalM.Sc. (Ag. Ext. Education) BAU33 yearsPoverty Alleviation, Micro Credit
ConsultantMesbahuddin AhmedPh.D. (HRD)36 yearsHuman Resource Dev., Aquaculture
ConsultantAbdullah Al HarunM.(Economics), Australia34 yearsDevelopment Economics, Planning
ConsultantBazlul KarimM.Sc. Ag. BAU, PGT (India)35 yearsAg. Dev., Community Dev.
ConsultantShailendra Chandra SahaMasters in Dev. Studies (The Netherlands)28 yearsParticipatory Dev., Social Research
ConsultantAKM Nurul IslamB.Sc. Agri. Engg20 yearsGround & Surface Water Monitoring
ConsultantShameem AhmedM.A. in Bengali25 yearsOffice & Accounts Mgmt, Procurement
ConsultantQuazi Hamidur RahmanM.Engg (Hydra), AIT, Thailand46 yearsWater Resources Engg
ConsultantDr. Khurshed AlamPh.D. in Socialogy, India26 yearsProject Management
ConsultantDr. Ekramul AhsanPh.D. in Ag. Resources Economics, USA40 yearsAgriculture Extension & Training
ConsultantDr. Mohammad AliM.Sc. Animal Reproduction33 yearsLivestock Development

Number of Personnel

Total Number of Staff (permanents)MaleFemaleTotal
Management and Supervision516
Support Staff27330

Registration/ Membership Status

Registration AuthorityRegistration Status
Yes/NoNumberDate of Registration
Dhaka City CorporationYes045034917th October, 2005

Organogram of the Organization

Corporate Profile

Name of the Firm:Al-Falah Consulting, Contracting and Management (ACCM)
Address:Paramount Heights (Floor F-8)
Suite No. 8-D-2
65/2/1, Purana Paltan
Dhaka 1000
Contact Person:Mr. Tofail Ahmed
Managing Director
Telephone Number:Land phone: 9515345, 9515346
Mobile: 01819443031, 01552153138
Fax Number:00880-2-7112287
Name of Banker:Janata Bank Limited
Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Water Resources Development and Management

- Surface water and groundwater studies
- Subproject identification
- Feasibility studies
- Hydrological analysis
- Water resources planning and detailed design
- Assessing environmental viability
- Form water management organizations
- Minor irrigation schemes development
- Canal irrigation development
- Command area development
- Protection of river bank erosion
- Construction of water control structures
- Drinking water supply
- Capacity building
- Drainage improvement and flood control
- Earth works involving the landless labour (LCS)
- Subprojects/ schemes handover
- Operation and maintenance by stakeholders
- Participation of local government institutions
- Sustainable linkages with partner agencies

Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation

- Survey, planning and detailed design
- Contract administration and management
- Improvement and upgrading of all types of roads
- Road maintenance and rehabilitation
- Development of growth centre markets
- Plan and improve river landing stations
- Cyclone shelters construction
- Transportation planning
- Contract packaging, tendering, contract award
- Construction supervision
- Quality assurance measures and quality control
- Emergency restoration works
- Assessing damages from natural calamities
- Flood damage rehabilitation
- Disaster prevention
- Capacity building and on the job training
- Assisting in lab and field tests of works
- Social and environmental screening
- Tree plantation and post-construction O&M
- Development through public-private partnership

Project Preparation & Management Services

- Identification of target groups
- Feasibility studies
- Country strategy paper preparation
- Socio-economic and sector surveys
- Baseline surveys, PRA and poverty mapping
- Fact finding and project formulation
- Project appraisal
- Preparing annual work plan and budget
- Start-up operations support
- Implementation and procurement guidelines
- Project supervision and implementation monitoring
- Mid-term review
- Special review
- MIS development
- Operational support for project implementation
- Benefit monitoring and evaluation
- Project completion and final evaluation
- NGO selection and mobilization
- Economic and financial analyses
- Effect monitoring and impact evaluation
- Post-evaluation follow-up

Logistics and Other Facilities

ACCM is housed in a well furnished and adequately equipped office situated in an easily accessible area of Dhaka city. It has an office space of 1350 square feet. Its equipment includes computers (3), printers (2), air conditioners (4), photocopier (1), fax machine (1), land phone lines (2), etc. The company possesses the required capacity to expand, at short notice, its office and logistic resources as necessary for carrying out any assignment.