About Al-Falah International

Monogram Al-Falah International (AFI) was established at Dhaka in the year 1991 with the objective of catering to the needs to infuse ethical business practices, dynamism and vigour into the overseas employment endeavours of Bangladesh. With these aims in view, API secured a Recruiting Licence from the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Observing the huge human resources in Bangladesh, AFI took the initiative to export this manpower to the countries where they are specially needed. We are applying continuous efforts to search out quality human resources from within and find the best positions available for them in foreign countries. We are equipped with the most effective staffs who are engaged in studying the present demand in the international job market, plan accordingly and prepare the candidates fully to meet the requirements of the individual employers.

The Company being fully aware of modern requirements of this trade, has organised itself with adequate infra-structural facilities to meet with such requirements. It is well-organised and properly oriented in manpower export trade. Facilities have very carefully been built up and consolidated for mobilisation and selection of required number of different categories of workers as per the requirements of the overseas employers.

In this present world, export of manpower has become an internationally competitive business. API is crafted and designed to face any challenge to remain in the leadership in this field. Creative marketing approach, strong and supportive network and brilliant business strategies enabled us to stay ahead of our competitors in today’s rapidly changing employment exchange market.

Mr. Tofail Ahmed, the CEO of Al-Falah Group, with his dedication and honesty, brought this organization up to the leading position in this sector in only one-decade. With Al-Falah International, operated with skill and long experiences, the recruitment of qualified human resources made easy and faster for your esteemed establishment.