Advices to Workers

Workers are woring abroads in projects Most of the workers go to abroad for the first time. It is not easy to make themselves adjust to the other country's rules and conditions. Some times the workers do some simple works only for curicity and that would be harmful to their careers or stay to live there. We have noted here some tips and advices to let them keep away from crime and to make themselves safe.

  • To quarrel with each other is a great offence.

  • Foremanís order must be followed. If any problem faced, must be informed to foreman.

  • Must go to mosque for praying, never keep open the shop when prayer time starts.

  • Not to divulge any companyís secret to others.

  • Loitering around residential area is strictly prohibited.

  • To use proper dress, shoe, gloves and other related protections.

  • Long hair is not acceptable.

  • Anti-labour activities, political arguments and gatherings are not allowed.

  • Drinking liquor, gambling and any violence against the law are prohibited.

  • Theft, cheating, murder, adultery, rape, prostitution are strictly prohibited. If anybody is found involved, capital punishment may be awarded.

  • Taking photo of any local women, children, factories and refineries are not allowed.