Al-Falah International (AFI), the main concern of Al-Falah Group, specializes in recruiting skilled workers and professionals taking advantage of the Bangladeshis’ distinction as the best pool of cost effective skilled/unskilled labour force for overseas employing companies.

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh was born in December 16, 1971 after a nine-month long struggle for independence. Nestled among the North-Eastern part of the South Asian subcontinent between the Eastern Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal this deltaic plain is a land of sublime beauty and greenery. The country enjoys a good measure of nature resources.

Bangladesh is a very densely populated country. Its huge population puts an enormous strain on the country’s limited resources. The people of Bangladesh struggle hard for economic survival. They strive to improve their living conditions. A population of more than 120 million and limited economic growth make jobs in this country extremely scarce. This scarcity drives the Bangladeshi workers to work with sincerity and devotion in the event of securing a job.

The Bangladeshi culture puts great emphasis on polite behaviour and showing respect towards elders. Bangladeshi workers are economic and hard working. They easily and effortlessly adjust themselves to new surroundings and unfamiliar working conditions. Given a job Bangladeshi’s strive hard for excellence and soon drive the company towards higher productivity, profit and growth.

We are committed to study and understand the need of the employer carefully and then search and select the finest employees from the local human resource market abiding by all rules and regulations of Bangladesh and the Government of the country of employment.