Resource of Workforce

Bangladeshi Manpower Resource Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries of the world. The country is rich in Human of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. The nation has a thirty five million workforce among the population of approximately one hundred forty million.

Since time immemorial, Bangladeshis have distinguished themselves as sincere and hard working people in the countries across the Asian and rest of the world. They have also earned reputation as gentle honest and good workers by their efficient services and unflinching devotion to duty for decades in the countries such as UK, USA, Middle East and Europe. They have achieved high grade for their commitment to responsibility and flexibility to adjust to changed working environment.

Moreover, Bangladesh workforces have created a place of eminence in the manpower map of Islamic World such as Saudi Arabia, Gulf region, North Africa and South East Asia. Over half a million workers from Bangladesh are working in the countries of the Islamic world. They have been successfully employed in various jobs ranging form those of the unskilled and skilled workforce to those of sophisticated professionals such as engineers, doctors, nurses and teachers and in IT etc. Those qualities emanate from their inheritance of a blend of rich Islamic and Bangladeshi culture and placed them in good stead under most trying circumstances.

The manpower export trade has developed tremendously in Bangladesh over the year. The reasons for this are many. The country is highly populous. Its per capital income is one of the lowest in the world. Huge number of labour force can be gathered at short notice and made ready for dispatch. The dispatch is quick. Their adaptability to changing working conditions is excellent. They are amenable to discipline. And above all, their productivity is beyond question. The employers everywhere are happy with their services.

Again, the Bangladesh workforce is also cost effective for the employers. They produce more at less cost. Their sincerity and devotion to duty are unquestionable. Since Bangladesh is a tropical country having different climate in different seasons, its work force can adapt them to any climate condition in the shortest possible time. That has put them in high demand simultaneously in the east and west.

Bangladesh is well connected by air with the countries receiving the work force. Almost all major airlines connect it with the West and the East. Besides, Biman Bangladesh Airlines fly from New York in the West to Tokyo in the Far East. Therefore, dispatch of work force to any direction is quick and as much timely and smooth.