Employee Selection

Final Employee Selection Process Upon receipt of the required documents as mentioned in the for recruitment formalities, with complete job description, & Power of Attorney, we send the job order to our concerned agencies for sourcing out the right people. They will go thorough their data bank and advertised in the leading newspaper to ensure enough for the required category after getting the recruitment permission from the local authority-the ministry of labour.

The collected documents will be short listed by our Recruitment consultants for pre- interview to be taken by our board for final selection to be interviewed by the representative of employer. The documents of selected applicants will be sent to the concerned employer for visa processing. Only qualified people on this stage will be endorsed to the interviewer of the employer for final interview.

The short listed applicants will be presented to the, final interviewer, company representative for final selection. If the applicants are to be tested technically, we will manage and instruct for the trade testing in the concerned agency.